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Welcome to Tata TeleServices Limited (TTSL).One of the leading service providers in India is Tata TeleServices Limited. It provides mobile connectivity, content, and services to customers across all over India. In India in 1996, this Tata TeleServices Limited was the pioneer of the CDMA Technology. After that in Feb 2008, this TTSL launched CDMA mobile services targeted towards youth associated with the Virgin Group on a franchise model basis. In 2015 all Virgin Mobile CDMA and GSM customers have collaborated into the umbrella  Tata Indicom Brand (Tata Indicom for Mumbai NCR). Currently Tata TeleServices Limited offers mobile services under the brand names like

  • Tata DoCoMo  (CDMA and GSM mobile operator, wireless broadband)
  • T24 Mobile (GSM mobile operator)


One of the most awarded brands for marketing in India is Tata Teleservices Limited.Additionally, TTSL enters customers into the large screen data space with its family of CDMA, 3G and Wi-Fi products. It offers next generation to voice, data and managed solutions to small & large medium enterprises through optic fiber network, channel partner network, sales &service teams.

Products in TTSL:

  • Internet Leased line
  • Leased line (ILL)
  • Content Delivery Network
  • PRI Connection
  • SIP Trunk
  • GSM EPBAX (Wireless GSM Walky)
  • Phone Connection (Wireless GSM Walky)
  • Photon 3G/4G
  • Centrex
  • Toll-Free Service


Internet Leased line Tata (ILL):

  • A leased line is commonly rented by businesses to connect branch offices. Our Tata TeleServices Ltd gives 99.5% uptime guarantee.

An Internet Leased line is a premium connectivity product, which is delivered through Fiber.It is a wireline data product. It is asymmetric (upload and download are same), secured and dedicated bandwidth that is 1:1 connection. It is a guaranteed bandwidth for network traffic. It makes high-quality VoIP (Internet Telephony)  Calls. It accesses to private cloud solutions and hosting.


  • MPLS VPN: (Business Ready Networks)

MPLS (Multi-protocol Laber Switching) is an Intranet connectivity.

  • The cost-effective, scalable and robust network solution. Priorities and issues of a digital SME. It is an OPEX model with immediate returns, End-to-end workflows and easy to use applications. It managing in-house IT department.
  • MPLS solve network issues:
  1. New performance-enhancing applications
  2. Outsourced routing
  3. Enhanced productivity for remote and mobile workers
  4. Provides a cost-effective WAN solutions
  5. Enables easy deployment of expensive intranets & extranets
  6. Only one network to manage
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network):

  1. It is a router-based network connect point-to-point links.
  2. VPNs use point-to-point links sharing a common infrastructure. Two VPN models are there like Overlay VPNs and Peer-to-Peer VPNs.

Overlay VPNs: Use well-known technologies and are easy to implement.

Peer-to-Peer VPNs: Guarantee optimum routing between customer sites.


  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)  for live TV Streaming:

Front-End Optimization series. Bits travel at a limit speed by using Laws of Physics. Greater chance of losing packets, slowest router in path dictates the speed and is not optimal. Round-Trip Time (RTT) is used for upload & download Latency. Effective bandwidth. CDNs bring data closer to the user and keep many Edge servers. For Dynamic Data, CDNs offer to route optimization and extremely short-term cache.

CDN help to brings static data closer to the user and provides a faster &more reliable download.


  • PRI Connection (Primary Rate Interface):

Delivered on 2 or 4 copper wires from the carrier.Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) technology is used to carry voice and data used for large-scale enterprises.Our PRI service provides 2-way connectivity between ISDN compatible and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) available service is 99.5%. PRI bandwidth for E1 line is 30 B channel and each channel contains 64Kbps. We can connect ISDN PRI line to VoIP, Smartphone, and Webphone client. In Direct inward dialing (DID) everyone can have their own direct phone number.

PRI presents the incoming call display information with simultaneously with the first incoming ring. If the customer uses analog line the call display information comes only after the second ring. You have to wait in average 10 secs before you see who is calling. PRI always comes with the highest service level.


  • SIP Trunk (Session initiation protocol)

SIP Trunking is telephone service delivered via the internet. Service from an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) and Router can prioritize SIP traffic. It is an IP based new technology with 1500 channels and each line contains 100Kpbs bandwidth. SIP Trunks use DID (Direct Inward Dial) number.

Using  SIP Trunk all remote site calls connect to the campus site where SIP Trunk terminates. SIP voice is transported over a data network that is upgraded to handle voice and data concurrently. It is a technology that works and can save money provides agility, reliability, and flexibility. The main advantage is maintenance is easy, scalable and the cost is effective.


  • GSM EPBAX (Wireless GSM Walky):

Wireless EPBAX are combined with CRM. It is available up to 32 lines mainly suited for project and remote offices. Maintain up-to-date customer information on the telephone directory. Last call conversation details and computer screen pop up with contact shows automatically. CUG  and Intercom are free. There is a facility to insert remarks and call logging for all costs. Provide our imports/print with MS Word / MS Excel format for security and analysis.


  • Toll – Free: (Numbers start with 1800)

  1. State-based routing
  2. City-based routing
  3. Time-based routing
  4. Date based routing
  5. Day based routing
  6. Condition-based routing (busy / no answer)
  7. Proportional call distribution (standalone)
  8. Blacklist routing distribution
  9. Whitelist routing distribution
  10. Menu based routing distribution with condition commercial
  •  UAN (Unified access number):

Starts with number 1860. The local call will be pay by the customer.

toll free

  • Centrex:

Short digit dialing between offices across Nation for business service. the user can call last 4/5 digits for each other.

  1. Call line identification
  2. Call waiting
  3. Call forward
  4. Hunting operation
  5. Reminder Call
  6. Party conference
  7. Private number feature is available
  8. Dynamic locking


  • Wireless Walky (Phone Connection-GSM):

  1. opportunity to be created under GSM mobile.
  2. The interim solution is based on GSM mobile, plans have been created with Walky identifier in GSM mobile service instance.
  3. Only to be recommended with approvals from commercial-offline approvals till the time availability on Empower / SFDC.
  4. Device upfront cost @ 1649/-for EBS.
  5. FOC cases, rental has to be upwards of 349/- with 24 months lock-in-period (commercial purpose only).

Gsm Walky

  • Documentation for all Products:

  1. CAF- Customer application form
  2. Proof of address
  3. Passport size photograph of authorized signatory
  4. POI- Authorized signatory proof of ID & Address
  5. Company Pan Card copy
  6. Tariff Form
  7. Purchase Order (company letter pad)
  8. Standard Terms & Conditions
  9. Company MOU copy
  10. Certificate of Incorporation
  11. Bulk Verification Form
  12. GST Registration Certificate